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Datavalid API Docs

What is Datavalid?

Datavalid is an intelligence solution designed to validate registration information of individuals and companies.

The Datavalid solution is widely used to optimize customer onboarding processes, reducing fraud rates. By validating the data provided by the customer at the time of registration, it is possible to guarantee the quality of the data in your database.

For existing databases, Datavalid can help in the hygiene process, enabling data validation.

Datavalid can also be used to automate access, either in a physical environment or in applications.

Types of validation

  • Cadastral and Biographical Validation: Validation of personal information (eg name, date of birth), documentary (CPF, RG and CNH) or legal (CNPJ).

  • Biometric Validation: For individuals, there is also a biometric (facial and fingerprint) validation feature.

Who is using Datavalid?

  • Banking Institutions, including conventional banks, Fintechs and Digital Banks;
  • Credit unions (opening accounts and contracting financial products);
  • Payment methods solutions;
  • Credit card administrators;
  • Car rental companies (registration and allocation);
  • Insurance companies (registration and insurance contracting);
  • Airlines (ticketing, check in and boarding);
  • Retailers (loyalty card, loans, etc.);
  • Transport apps (registration and driver validation at the time of the ride);
  • Software used to combat fraud;
  • Class associations, and;
  • Public agencies.

How it works?

The interested party sends the data or image that he wants to validate through an API (application programming interface). For this, it is necessary to implement the calling code, as per the documentation.

Datavalid compares the data reported with the information available in the government database (CPF, CNPJ, CNH, etc.).

The return is by similarity index (percentage) for descriptive fields, true/false for objective fields or by probability range (low, high and very high) for images and fingerprints. The information is made available in real time, through a Web service API REST and JSON.

More information about Datavalid

Got interested? For more information about the service, visit the Datavalid page to get more information about the service.

Do you want to test Datavalid?

Check the tutorial how to use Datavalid demonstration.


Technical information about Datavalid is available on this page. To find the information you want, use the search field or navigate through the menu on the left* (some translations are still in progress).