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Sign Up Datavalid

Datavalid can be signed up by any company, class entities or economic groups and public institutions (federal, state and municipal).

Subscribe now clicking on Datavalid page button "Quero contratar".

Step by step for contracting

Private companies


It is necessary to use the e-CNPJ digital certificate.

  1. Click on "I want to contract" on the Datavalid page
  2. If you already have your registration with Serpro, enter your login and password. Otherwise, create your account to proceed with the contracting process.
  3. Follow the contracting flow.
  4. After signing the contract, within 10 minutes you will have access to the Client Area (, where you can view the access keys to Datavalid.
  5. Now just make adjustments to your application and use the service.
  6. To see your usage history, just access the Client Area.

Private companies without e-CNPJ

We strongly recommend the use of a digital certificate, with which the online contracting process can be done. For customers who do not have a digital certificate, exceptionally, the request can be made through this form. In this process, contracting takes longer, as it follows a manual procedure.

Public institutions

If you have not yet contacted Serpro, access the government contract form, fill in the data and choose Datavalid. At the end of the registration, our service team receives the request and will appoint a person to contact you. If you already have your Business Consultant at Serpro, simply request the contract.

Class entities

It follows the same flow of public agencies. Access our contact form, fill in the data and choose Datavalid. At the end of the registration, our service team receives the request and will escalate a person to contact

Economic Groups

When there is more than one CNPJ of the same entity that needs to use the application, instead of making the contract one by one, it is possible to make a global contract, with successive adhesions by the other entities. Access our service form and our service team will enter in touch.

How to cancel

The contract can be canceled at any time, by a simple expression of will through our Call Center.

Contracting Plan

Effective Plans

For contracting from September 2018, we have two types of contracting:

  • Individual: contracting with individual CNPJ (Endpoint:
  • Entity: contracts linked to some class entity or economic group (Endpoint:


Contracts signed between August 2017 and August 2018:

  • Biometry (Endpoint:
  • Basic (Endpoint:


These plans are maintained only for support reasons, and their migration to the New Plans is encouraged, which is more advantageous for the customer.

How to Migrate to the newer plan

For those who signed the contract between August 2017 and August 2018 and wish to migrate from a plan, it is necessary to make a request at our Call Center.