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Release notes


  • In order to simplify the use of the codigo_situacao CNH field, we reduced the number of validation options for this field. Now, there are only 3 options: “emitida”, “cancelada” e “em emissão” (“issued”, “canceled” and “in issue” respectively).

  • The compatibility with the previous options was maintained, but we recommend reviewing the calls to this endpoint that use the validation of this field in order to take advantage of this improvement.

Return Meaning
emitida issued
cancelada canceled
em emissão in issue
More details

For most validations, statuses such as: emitida, confirmada, modelo antigo, alterada (issued, confirmed, old model, changed) are now considered to be equivalent to "emitida". The status of “emissão autorizada” (authorized issue) is now considered equivalent to “em emissão”. The situations “cancelada erro detran” (canceled due to detran error), “cancelada erro gráfica" (canceled due to print shop error) and "cancelada outros motivos" (canceled due to other reasons) are considered equivalent to “cancelada”.
More info is abailable on API_Reference, in the documenation of the codigo_situacao field.

The options were grouped as shown in the table below:

Code Situation Equiv. cod Equiv. Situation
1 emissão autorizada 2 em emissão
2 em emissão em emissão
3 emitida 3 emitida
4 confirmada emitida
5 modelo antigo emitida
6 alterada emitida
A cancelada erro detran A cancelada
B cancelada erro gráfica cancelada
Z cancelada outros motivos cancelada

September / 2021

  • Improvements in the validation of "observacoes" field of the CNH object. (Versions 2 and later)
    The field observacoes_similaridade returns the percentage of correct CNH observations compared to the observations sent on the request.
    The list of abbreviated CNH observations is defined by Denatran. For more details, check the object "cnh" on API Reference.

Request example:

  "key": {
    "cpf": "33840981026"
  "answer": {
    "nome": "Maria Barbosa",
    "cnh": {
      "categoria": "AB",
      "observacoes": "ear"

Response example:

"cnh": {
    "nome": true,
    "categoria": true,
    "observacoes": true,
    "observacoes_similaridade": 1.0

June / 2021

  • Improvements in API v2: In pf-face validation (only cpf + photo), in cases with no photo available, HTTP 422 (DV040) is returned. Available from v2.

March / 2021

  • Improved address validation.

January / 2021

  • Inclusion of new CNH fields ''observacoes'' and the ''possui_impedimento'' field for validation, within the ''cnh'' object. More details in API Reference.

October / 2020

  • Inclusion of a new API Gateway. More information in the endpoints section.
  • Processing restriction in accordance with the General Law on the Protection of Personal Data, LGPD, Law No. 13,709, of August 14, 2018, according to article 14 of said law.

September / 2020

  • Batch validation.

April / 2020

  • Facial validation accuracy increased from 99.39% to 99.9% (results obtained from tests against a large standard base of photos). Available from v2;
  • Implemented the NIST (National Institute of Standards and Technology) biometric validation standards. Available from v2.

February / 2020

  • English version of API-Docs;
  • Validations for methods containing biometrics also include the CNH fields: foreign national registration, status code and date of last issue. Available from v1.

December / 2019

  • Improved quality verification of fingerprints;
  • Optimization in the consultation of integrated services;
  • Evolution in the service monitoring process;
  • The validation now also returns a similarity index (numero_similaridade) for the document number field. Available from v1. Check the example below:


"documento": {
  "tipo": 1,
  "numero": "000001",
  "orgao_expedidor": "SSP",
  "uf_expedidor": "DF"


"documento": {
    "tipo": true,
    "numero": false,
    "numero_similaridade": 0.857142857,
    "orgao_expedidor": true,
    "uf_expedidor": false

October / 2019

  • Improved document number validation.

August / 2019

  • Improved validation of CPF strings.

July / 2019

  • Inclusion of the optional header "x-request-tag" attribute.