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HTTP Status Codes

Requests to Datavalid may return the following HTTP code:

Code / Responses

200 OK

Everything worked as expected and the data validation was performed successfully.

204 No Content

The server successfully fulfilled the request and there is no additional content to send in the response.

400 Invalid Request

The request was not accepted because there is some inconsistency in some fields of the request. Check if the properties of the request body are in accordance with the expected properties of the method. Also, verify if the request body is encoded in UTF-8.

401 Unauthenticated

Problems during the authentication.

403 Unauthorized

Problems during the authorization.

413 Request Entity Too Large

The request is too big. The maximum request size limit is 3MB. Verify that the maximum request size limit is being met.

422 Validation Not Processed

Validation cannot be processed because there is an invalid character in the request. Invalid characters are listed in the response.

Code message
DV001 LGPD: Minors’ data validation not allowed by LGPD
DV002 Data found in the database does not meet the minimum requirements for validation
DV010 Invalid CPF
DV011 Invalid nationality
DV012 Invalid document type
DV013 Invalid gender
DV014 Invalid CPF status code
DV016 Invalid CNH status code
DV017 Invalid description of the CNH status
DV018 Invalid UF
DV020 Invalid CNPJ
DV021 Invalid registration status code
DV022 Invalid size
DV030 Invalid fingerprint position
DV031 Invalid fingerprint format
DV032 Error retrieving digital image encoded in base64
DV033 Image of fingerprint corrupted or out of JPG, PNG or WSQ format
DV034 Low fingerprint image quality
DV035 Invalid fingerprint image size
DV036 Fingerprint position duplicated
DV040 Face image not found in the databases
DV041 It was not possible to recognize the face in the image
DV042 Invalid face image size
DV043 Face image corrupted or out of JPG or PNG format
DV044 Error retrieving base64 encoded face image
DV045 Poor face image quality
DV046 More than one face was recognized in the image
DV047 Invalid face image format
DV079 Mandatory document
DV080 Invalid document format
DV081 Error retrieving base64 encoded document
DV082 Document file corrupt or not in expected format
DV083 Invalid document size
DV084 The document provided was not recognized as valid
DV085 More than one document was recognized
DV086 Unable to retrieve CPF in the document
DV087 Unable to retrieve face photo in document
DV088 The CPF entered does not belong to the CPF of the document
DV089 Number of valid fields retrieved from the document is not enough to validate the document

500 Server Error

Some internal error occurred on the server.

502 Bad Gateway

This error message is displayed when there is an issue with generating tokens.

503 Service Unavailable

Internal server error. Some services integrated with Datavalid are currently unavailable.

code message
DVxx Some services integrated with Datavalid are currently unavailable.

504: Gateway Timeout

The gateway did not answer promptly due to a network error.