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Frequently Asked Questions - FAQ


I want more information about Datavalid, where to find it?

Access the Datavalid page to get more information about the service.

I want to contract Datavalid, how do I do it?

Access our step by step guide explaining how to contract.

I contracted Datavalid, where do I get information to use the service?

Your information regarding the contract, such as status of contract activation, Consumer key, Consumer secret, endpoint to be consumed, link to documentation, is at in your client area at

Biometric Validation

How big is the image that should be sent for validation?

The minimum size required for Datavalid to work is 250 x 250 pixels and the desired image resolution is 750 x 750 pixels. See more in requirements for sending images.

How much Brazilian population with CNH?

Roughly 74 million CNHs.

What are the biometric similarity bands defined by Datavalid?

The return of biometric validations are defined by range and percentage. According to the percentage of similarity, the probability range is identified. The ranges apply for both facial and fingerprint validation.

Probability Tracks
Very high probability 100% - 93%
High probability 92.99% - 85%
Low probability 84.99% - 32%
Very low probability 31.99% - 0%

Is it possible to access the images used for comparison in biometric validation?

Datavalid never sents images or any data used for validation, it only returns a percentage of validation according to the images sent.

Why was facial biometrics not validated if the citizen has CNH?

In some cases the CNH photo is not available on the base. This situation can occur with some cases due to the process of uploading the images of the photos of the CNHs that is performed by the print companies responsible for issuing the document.

How will I be charged if CNH biometric information is unavailable?

There are few cases in which this situation occurs, so for these cases the charge will be for basic consultation, since biometrics were not performed because the photo is not in the database.

Service Levels - SLA

API response time SLAs (average time to answer for API calls)

Reference times for Datavalid validations:

  • The average time for validations without images is 1s;
  • The average for facial validations is 4s;
  • Fingerprint validations take between 2 and 7 seconds, depending on the amount of fingerprints sent;

Times vary slightly, depending on the time and connectivity conditions of the customer's internet connection, however, 30s can be considered as the maximum response time.

What is the service level (SLA) of availability for Datavalid?

The average SLA percentage is above 98% in the latest assessments;

How many requests per second are supported?

Our throughput for methods with images is around 3/s, and for methods without images is 5/s.

Error Handling

Is there a supported maximum size for sending requests?

The maximum total size of the request must not exceed the maximum of 3MB.

What are the possible return errors in biometric photo validation?

Possible errors can be found in the documentation at API Reference, in the Responses section, at the end of each method, or directly on the Error code table page.